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Posted by Marc J Victor P.C. on 12/24/2015

Elizabeth Johnson Trial - Closing Argument

Keywords: Elizabeth Johnson, Marc J. Victor, Baby Gabriel


Attorney Marc J. Victor making his winning closing argument in The Elizabeth Johnson (Baby Gabriel) Case in court.

A judge has sentenced Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of missing "Baby Gabriel", to 5.25 years in prison followed years of probation, minus time served.

The judge said Friday that Johnson has already served 1,062 days, so she will serve the remaining 2 1/3 years in prison. With good behavior Elizabeth Johnson will most likely be released in about a year. At one point Johnson faced as much as 27 years before defense attorney Marc J. Victor took over the case after 3 other attorneys were fired by Ms. Johnson. This was a big win for the defense considering the amount of time she would have otherwise been facing.

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